Storm Shultz is an author of Christian and clean fiction. She has always enjoyed storytelling but didn’t take it writing seriously until 2020, shortly after her oldest child was born. Storm lives with her pastor husband and children in rural Kentucky. She loves reading, baking, and thinking about fictional people.

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Latest from Storm’s Blog

Podcast Episode with the Ms. McBookworm Podcast

I’m excited that I got the opportunity to be on the Ms. McBookworm podcast! I loved getting to talk to Jere about Meant to Bee, writing, and life. Jere’s podcast ministry is to share about Christ through fiction stories and you should absolutely check out her podcast. Jere is an author too and I read…

Fade to White (Book Review)

Thea Fenton’s life looks picture-perfect, but inside, she is falling apart. Wracked by anxiety no one seems to understand or care about, she resorts to self-harm to deflect the pain inside. When a local teen commits suicide, Thea’s anxiety skyrockets. Unexplainable things happen, leaving her feeling trapped within her own chaotic mind. The lines between…

Books to Read in 2023

Happy (almost) New Year! What are your goals for next year? Is reading more one of your goals? Last year I tried to read 52 books in a year. I managed to read 47. I guess I had high hopes for someone publishing a book and having a baby 😂 This year I’m aiming for…