Can accidentally becoming a beekeeper lead to love?

Single mom Cordy Brown can’t catch a break. Not only does she lose her job, but the quaint English cottage she pools her savings to purchase is the very definition of a money pit. To top it off, a delivery man appears on her doorstep with a shipment of bees and announces she’s their new caretaker! Could life get any more complicated?

Ronan Thomson is only in England for one reason: to drag his underage brother back to Ireland for end-of-year exams. He quickly learns, however, that nothing about this will be simple and he finds himself holding a baby goat on Cordy’s doorstep. Falling for a beautiful American is easy. Ronan’s problems lie in the overabundance of animals, his stubborn brother, and the unexpected guest from Cordy’s past.

Can Cordy and Ronan overcome all the obstacles standing between them? After all, some things just feel meant to bee.

August 20, 2022

In war-torn France in 1940, Yvette Castillon’s darling husband Henri is taken by the German army and forced to join their cause. Before he leaves, he makes Yvette promise to wait for him. She stays true to her word as the war rages on. As the months turn into years, all she can do is pray he’ll one day come back to her.⠀

Five years later, a knock at the door makes Yvette believe all her prayers have been answered. But instead of finding her Henri, she finds a German Kommandant. Now Yvette must decide how to honor God, her husband, and her country as she grapples with a decision that will change her life.

November 1, 2021

If you are seeking hope in your life, if you need to know that you are not alone, these words are for you.
Hope Amid the Darkness is a collection of poems, short stories, and essays by the following writers: Erica Richardson, Jerah Alvarado, Danica Smith, Elizabeth Baty, Kathleen Bird, H.A. Pruitt, Havelah McLat, Kaylee Zakimi, Tiffani Slaughter, Aditya Luthra, Storm Shultz, Jessica VanMeter, Emily Pirrello, Ayushi Manjar, René Reyes, and Janae Dowd. Compiled by Erica Richardson.

February 1, 2023

“Knowing God and Making Him known” serves as the lodestar for the message in Capital Christian Writers Fellowship’s 2021 anthology, Conversations: Themes of the Kingdom from the Mount.

Members of Capital Christian Writers Fellowship share their vision on how to have a conversation with God using the Sermon on the Mount as inspiration. In the pages of this anthology, you’ll hear from aspiring and published writers, poets and novelists, and bloggers, magazine writers and artists, all of whom shared the words God laid upon their hearts.

Today, more than ever, Christian writers seek to fill this world with the light of God’s Word. They desire to share words that will comfort those who need a hug. They give praise to the Author and Finisher of their faith.

The sincere prayer of the CCWF writers and the editorial team is that as you read this book, you will be drawn into the conversation.

October 30, 2021

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