Books that we’re thankful for in 2020

And it’s (almost) Thanksgiving. Somehow it doesn’t feel like 2020 is almost already over. So much has happened and one plus side of Covid-19 is that maybe some of us have had the chance to read more! We want to celebrate the books that have lifted our spirits and have changed our hearts and minds, whether it was this year or 12 years ago. Here are some books that we are grateful for.

Allison R. “I loved ‘My Sister, the Serial Killer’ because it was set in Africa, which was interesting to me, and the inner conflict the main character goes through was well written. Overall, very entertaining.”

Ivy K. “I really enjoyed ‘Cilka’s Journey’ by Heather Morris. I wanted to put it down because I kept imagining myself in Cilka’s position, but I also HAD to know what was going to happen next.

Michael S. “Theodore Taylor’s ‘The Cay’. It was on my level as a kid and taught me how to love my neighbor.”

Cass H. “I didn’t realize that you could write fiction to be lyrical (almost like poetry) until I picked up ‘The House on Mango Street’ by Sandra Cisneros. It was enchanting, grim, and fast-paced. I love that it was written from a perspective of a young girl!”

Abigail G. “‘Christmas Jars,’ I love this book, makes you think about helping the less fortunate. It’s not a big book, but I read it every year.

Sheila N. “Way too many…but I’d say, in the 7th grade, I read ‘The Human Comedy’ by William Soroyan which started a lifelong interest in alternate ethnicities and their traditions, lifestyles, etc. If anyone has ever wondered about Cher, and the Kardashian’s ethnicity (Armenian)..his books are a great way to look into that history, Armenian/Americans I mean.”

Sue M. “‘The Ghost of Opalina or Nine Lives’. It was the book that launched my love of reading back in elementary school.”

Iris H. “One of my favorites as a teenager was ‘Erika reitet ins Glück’ a German girl gets invited to America but stays true to her upbringing and believes. Natural, little too makeup, not going along with all the newest trends ( clothing, actors, etc.)”

Storm S. “I’ve always liked fantasy and chick-lit, but ‘Station Eleven’ by Emily St. John Mandel made me fall in love with science fiction! It was assigned during a college class a year or two ago and once COVID hit, I reread it. The pandemic theme just seemed to fit. It has everything I never knew I wanted; Shakespeare, cults, and awkward love.”

We’re thankful for a lot this year. Family, friends, time, and books. If you want to check out any of these books but you aren’t convinced to buy them and your library isn’t open yet; please check out the OverDrive app! You can sign up with just your phone number and connect to your local library and check out eBooks, audiobooks, and movies!

Thank you for reading, have a blessed day, Storm.

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