The Unveiling by Erin Mc Luckie (Book Review)

“When Covid lifted, so did the veil on our world. We thought Covid was terrible because it crumbled economies, crippled businesses and left people feeling a sense of loss. That was until the veil lifted.

It took two and a half years of on’and’off lockdowns for people to turn from merrily singing to each other from balconies, to being pissed about not being able to celebrate thanksgiving with their families, to finally being family or core unit. Gone were the days of togetherness, ubuntu and globalisation, and in its place was something much worse. You see it wasn’t just the loss of connection that weighed heavily on you, it was also the blatant mistrust.

So when the veil lifted and we looked at each other, I mean really looked at each other, we realised that we weren’t human at all.

Reya discovers that she is half angel, half shifter, but it is the Angel bloodline in her that has the authorities sitting up and paying attention.

As Reya muddles through her newfound abilities with the guy assigned to train her. And as the lines between their relationship soon becomes blurred, Reya starts to realise that there is a lot more to her powers than she was initially led to believe.

With races fast dividing, is she alone enough to stop the impending global race war that is about to explode?” – The Unveiling, Erin Mc Luckie

This past week I’ve had the pleasure of reading the first book of a new trilogy, The Unveiling by Erin Mc Luckie. It’s been intense, let me tell y’all about it!

If you enjoyed the Hunger Games and the Divergent series but you kept thinking to yourself, what this needs is more magic, have I got the book for you. I think many of us are suckers for a good ‘the government is evil and now we have to overturn them’ story, and Mc Luckie does not disappoint!

Reya, our feisty and sassy heroine is suddenly thrust into a world that she didn’t even want to be a part of. I’ll admit, if people were saying I may have magic powers, I would probably be interested in where that was going, but our girl Reya isn’t interested at all. Unfortunately, she’s not only powerful, she’s a very rare mix. And she’s the answer to world peace. No pressure, Reya.

The newfound powers are throwing Reya for a loop, but she’s got a powerful trainer who isn’t even from her world – and who happens to be pretty cute. Learning to tame lightning and interpret her prophetic dreams is incredibly hard with a war on the horizon. We see some themes that are well-loved in the post-apocalyptic genre, which are well done in The Unveiling.

Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Why: I like the play on Covid and the world ending via the government but with magic. It’s creative and had me interested in where the story was going. I particularly liked the struggle that Reya has with Silas, the trickster, in her dreams. Not only does Reya have the power to see current events in other worlds in her dreams, she finds herself being taunted by a man in a cage, who can only be freed by her power. Silas is reminiscent of Loki, but our Reya has power over him, making him dependent on her mercy. As always, I’ll mention the level of cleanliness, and there is swearing in this book. It is used sparingly though and makes sense when needed. I’ve had to put books down in the past because of an overuse of profanity, but this is not an issue in Erin’s novel. I’m ready for book two to be released!

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As always, have a wonderful day, Storm

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