The Kids Hymnal (Book Review)

“Introducing a brand-new hymnal for children! The Kids Hymnal is packed with 80 non-denominational classic and contemporary songs and choruses. Designed specifically for kids, it has colorful, eye-catching illustrations and easy-to-read print with lyrics and melody lines on each page. At the end of each song you’ll find The Reason We Sing section that explains the story behind the song, as well as an application lesson, and a short My Affirmation sentence to reinforce the message. Created by Grammy-nominated producer Stephen Elkins and Dove Award-winning arranger John DeVries, you’ll find songs like “Amazing Grace,” “Jesus Loves Me,” “Fairest Lord Jesus,” “I Will Sing of the Mercies,” “Deep and Wide,” “Joy to the World,” and many more. The songs are also indexed both by title and topic to make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. The Kids Hymnal is perfect for children’s choirs, Sunday school sing-alongs, children’s church, or family fun at home!” – The Kids Hymnal: 80 Songs & Hymns. Created by Stephen Elkins with arrangements by John DeVries

I’m always on the hunt for Christian literature for my daughter and I came across The Kids Hymnal a few days ago! The hymnal includes simple music notes (maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, but I didn’t grow up in music so I was very glad to see music notes), affirmations, and reasons why we sing the songs. I thought these were all delightful inclusions!

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Rating: 5 out of 5

Why: We’re finally producing literature for kids that tells them WHY we worship God without it being so simple that the true meaning is lost. Kids that use this hymnal will learn the songs and know WHY we sing these songs. The affirmations are great reminders for kids to ground themselves further in worship and praise. Also, how great are these illustrations?

Listen to the reason why we sing “This Little Light of Mine”: Psalm 119 says that God’s Word is like a lamp that shines light on our path. It shows us the way. It shows us dangers that need to be avoided, When we memorize a Bible verse, it becomes a little light hidden in our heart. When we remember the words, and live by them each day, we become “lights” to the world. Showing kindness, and patience, and love to others causes us to shine!

I really enjoy seeing the reasons why we sing hymnals. This book is beneficial to not only children but to their parents who may have missed out on being taught the ‘whys’ behind worship.

With love and wishing you all a happy weekend, Storm

Links to The Kids Hymnal:
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