Lumio’s Possession (Flash Fiction)

This is a flash fiction that I have written and wanted to share here! My page will start to take on some more personal posts of this nature in the future. Most of the pieces that I’ll share will be less than 500 words and are meant as a quick fun read. I hope you enjoy!

A chair clattered as Lumio’s foot involuntarily kicked it. Tomlin watched his friend thrashing on the floor and crossed himself. He’d always thought it was interesting that Lumio’s name meant something like ‘light’ and yet his friend was demon-possessed.

Bruises were appearing on Lumio’s face from where his head was bouncing off the floor. Tomlin glanced outside the window. Where was the bloody priest? Tomlin had only seen Lumio’s demon snatch hold of him a handful of times, but each time he’d sent for the priest, and the man usually arrived by now.

Recently, news had circulated that some people who struggled with possession were actually sick instead of hosting a demon. The doctors who claimed this also admonished those who witnessed such convulsing to hold the heads of the sick to keep from damaging the person.

“Even if they are truly possessed, we can still protect the flesh of our loved ones!” some doctor had proclaimed.

Tomlin didn’t believe that. He wasn’t going to have the demon leave his friend and cling on to him. Instead, he watched and nervously waited for the priest to come.

A knock sounded at the door and a relieved Tomlin answered it. A woman he’d never seen before stood on the threshold.

“Who’re you?” Tomlin demanded.

“Sister Agnes. Father John sent me.” The woman peered past him and gasped. “Why aren’t you supporting this man’s head?”

Tomlin could barely understand her. She had a thick accent that he couldn’t place. Something northern. Scottish or even worse, Irish. He shuddered. She shoved past him and rushed to Lumio’s side, scooping up his head and cradling it in her lap. Drops of blood were coming out of Lumio’s nose and the woman gently used her sleeve to mop at his face.

Tomlin glared. “I’m not touching a possessed man!”

“He’s likely not possessed!” The woman snapped. “He has epilepsy!”

Ignoring this strange statement, Tomlin asked, “Where’s the priest?”

“Father John knows little about epilepsy, so he sent me.”

“A woman?”

She was digging in a satchel at her waist and didn’t look up. “The good Lord saw fit to make me one, so yes.”

“What are you doing to him?”


Tomlin stood. “Never mind! I shall get the priest myself. Some girl won’t likely know how to calm a demon!”

As he spoke, Lumio calmed. The woman put something back into her bag.

“What’d you do?” Tomlin gaped.


“You’re a witch, aren’t you?” He frantically scrambled for the door. “Witch!”

The door slammed. Agnes sighed.

Opening his eyes, Lumio saw a woman’s face. He gasped and reached to touch her cheek. “Are you an angel?”

Agnes slapped his hand away. “Stop that.” She set him gently on the floor and handed him a bottle. “Take this once a day, it’ll help.”

Disoriented, Lumio watched the woman dust herself and leave. Without anything else to do, he thanked God for sending the woman to him, and in the same breath, cursed Tomlin for leaving him.

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