Our Resurrection Sunday Plans

We do an Easter Rock Hunt! 🤍

I found this on Facebook a few years ago and I’ve been doing it since Violet was born. I also did this with our church kiddos last year and it was a hit!

On Good Friday, kids go on a rock hunt and fill their baskets with rocks. We then talk about how the rocks are heavy and weigh us down…just like sin. Slightly older kids can talk about examples of sin (lying, hitting, anything that displeases God, etc.) to solidify what sin is. No shame! We’re all sinners, after all.

Next, we cover our rocks with something red – tissue paper is the easiest for me! We talk about how the red represents the blood of Jesus that was shed to cover our sins (Matthew 26:28 is good to read here). And we put our baskets away to wait for Resurrection Sunday.

Saturday is a good opportunity to read about Jesus’s crucifixion, starting with the Last Supper and ending with His triumph over death (Luke 22-24, adapting to the age of your kids).

Finally, it’s Sunday and we can check our baskets! The red paper is gone, replaced with white to represent Jesus washing us clean as snow – I again used tissue paper. The rocks are gone and candy is in the basket! I also love to include a book – I got Violet “Holy Week: An Emotions Primer” last year. Now we can talk about how Jesus replaces our sin with nice things like love, kindness, etc. This is a good opportunity to read Galatians 5:22-23 and learn about the Fruits of the Spirit.

I did this for my church last year and it was a hit. I asked the kids for examples of sin on Good Friday and for examples of good things we do for God on Sunday. They engaged with it so well and they still got candy with a Christ-centered lesson. Today is possible because of Him. 🤍

So, that’s what we do for Resurrection Sunday! What do you/your family do?

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