Release Day: Meant to Bee!

Meant to Bee is officially out!
If you preordered the ebook, it should now be on your kindle and if you’ve been waiting for the chance to order a paperback, you can now officially do so!!

Order Meant to Bee here!

After six months of writing, three months of editing, two months of working with my amazing editor, at least a month of formatting, more editing, some crying, more formatting, many emails from my cover designer, and a lot of excitement later… MEANT TO BEE IS OFFICIALLY OUT IN THE WORLD. This probably helps explain my less than consistent posting for this blog…

This is such a surreal day. Thank you for being here for it!

Today is going to be awesome. I can’t wait to hear what you think of Cordy! Stay tuned for some cool MTB related posts in the future!

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