The Unbroken Song (Book Review)

Well. It’s been a hot minute since my last book review (whoops). But I’m happy to break my streak of forgetting to talk about books by telling y’all about The Unbroken Song by Jennifer Q. Hunt!

Book Blurb:

Coming from opposite worlds, what could possibly unite them?

Rejected, frustrated, and no longer confident about God’s plan for his life, John Sweet takes a year-long assignment in Atlanta, Georgia. The city is bustling with preparations for the Cotton States and International Exposition to be held in the autumn of 1895. Sarah Fuller is also new to the city but trying desperately to make a home for her lonely father and motherless little sister. When a special assignment for the Exposition puts John and Sarah in close contact, they discover that while their pasts are completely different, their future dreams are much the same. As their families create obstacles and opposition, will they be able to find a way forward together?

At Christmas 1945, with her family still reeling from the changes brought by the Second World War, “Grandma Sarah” tells her teenage granddaughter about the year that changed her life. Can her simple story bring the healing and perspective they both need to embrace a different future than they had planned?

This standalone Christmas prequel to the Sorrow and Song Trilogy will transport you back to a Victorian Christmas, when the world was very different, yet the same longing for peace and purpose resounded in every heart.

Jennifer Hunt loves Christmas movies and Christmas stories and all the verses of “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!” She enjoys decorating fresh-cut evergreen trees with vintage ornaments, sewing handcrafted stockings, baking homemade gingersnaps, and listening to crackly old holiday records from the 1970s.  Christmas is featured prominently in each of her books. Visit her at or on Instagram and Facebook!

My Review:

This book is so cozy 😍

Imagine you sat down with your grandmother to watch TV, and as always Gram likes to watch classic movies where the heroine is beautiful, authentic, and likes to bake a lot. Gram picks a Victorian movie – the fashion is beautiful, the scenes are alive with worship, family, and of course love. It’s the kind of movie that you know Gram loves but maybe you haven’t watched this type of film before – but as soon as the heroine begins to speak her lines you’re immediately pulled in and rooting for her. (And that’s before the hero even makes it on scene!)

That’s what reading this book felt like to me. I don’t read a lot historical romance, but authors like Jennifer truly make me want to just delve into Victorian era books and to learn more about the history and the fashion and the courting rules. I love when a book can teach me about a sliver of history while also connecting me to a person. The Unbroken Song is a perfect read for historical fiction and Christmas lovers!

Buy The Unbroken Song here!

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