Gran’s Perfect Memory (Flash Fiction)

Last year I wrote a short story about Mary finding the empty tomb in honor of Resurrection Sunday, and this year I wanted to do something similar. But try as I would, nothing was clicking for me. That’s how writing works for me. I have to get sucked into the story. It’s almost as ifContinue reading “Gran’s Perfect Memory (Flash Fiction)”

Coming soon…

I have a surprise. For the six-ish weeks, I’ve been brainstorming and working on a novella that I can give to my awesome email subscribers…and it’s finally done. Now, before you go asking where it’s at and why it’s not in your inbox yet, let me just say that it’s finished but it still needsContinue reading “Coming soon…”

The Confession by Mae Heller (Book Review)

“Enter into the inner turmoil of the girl behind John the Baptist’s death in The Confession.” -The Confession, by Mae Heller. I really love getting free books (who doesn’t?!), but I have a terrible habit of getting free books and then not reading them. (Why am I like this?) But, a few days ago, IContinue reading “The Confession by Mae Heller (Book Review)”