Coming soon…

I have a surprise.

For the six-ish weeks, I’ve been brainstorming and working on a novella that I can give to my awesome email subscribers…and it’s finally done.

Now, before you go asking where it’s at and why it’s not in your inbox yet, let me just say that it’s finished but it still needs to be polished! I wouldn’t give you any half-baked ideas (well…maybe we’ll wait until you’ve read it first before we say that)!

But it’s coming! And it’s coming soon!

I won’t give too much away, but it is Biblical fiction and it follows a woman from the Old Testament. Can you guess who?

Intrigued yet? I hope so!

I’ll give you all more info once the book has been fully edited/vetted! I’ll keep dropping hints and maybe the first person to guess who the story is about wins…well, I’m not sure yet. Maybe you win a free virtual air-five? (I did drop a major hint on my Instagram stories a few days ago, so if you follow me, you already know, whoops!)

Comment who you think the story is about! I’m excited to see your guesses!


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