A Parent’s Love (Flash Fiction)

Life lessons are usually learned in the barn, right? And all the farm kids nod. I kind of want to know if you’ve ever helped someone or something give birth before but that might be a weird or inappropriate question 👀 sorry, birth might be on my mind a lot right now 😂 Instead I’llContinue reading “A Parent’s Love (Flash Fiction)”

Fourteen Mysteries (Flash Fiction)

Now that we’re coming into the fall season, pie is coming back up on my radar. I personally like pie, but I may or may not have a something in common with the main character in this story… how do you feel about chocolate pie? Fourteen chocolate pies are sitting on my counter top. EachContinue reading “Fourteen Mysteries (Flash Fiction)”

A Needed Hug (Flash Fiction)

It’s Christmas in July! Now, here me out . . . most churches have a grumpy old lady. We wouldn’t call her the church mascot, but she’s a staple. She might be grumpy, but she cleans like any sensible woman of her generation and she prays hard. What if she found herself looking at aContinue reading “A Needed Hug (Flash Fiction)”

A VBS Safari (Flash Fiction)

This story comes from the #pleasantwordschallenge on Instagram! The prompt was to start a story with “The situation has gone from bad to worse.” In full honesty, I’ve never been to VBS before so this story is entirely fictional and isn’t based on a real occurrence – although I do think this sounds pretty plausibleContinue reading “A VBS Safari (Flash Fiction)”

Melt Like Wax (Flash Fiction)

This flash fiction story is based on a picture prompt (below) from the Instagram #pleasantwordschallenge! While thinking of this story, I came across Micah 1:3-4 (For behold, the Lord is coming out of his place, and will come down and tread upon the high places of the earth. And the mountains will melt under him, and the valleys will split open,Continue reading “Melt Like Wax (Flash Fiction)”

The Finder (Flash Fiction)

What if the person who found things-and mended them-was found by the One who mattered most? Maria was the keeper of found things. Her drawers were filled with buttons, change, stamps, and ribbons. Her shelves boasted of tattered books, chipped China, weather-worn rocks, and twigs that looked like squirrels if you tilted your head aContinue reading “The Finder (Flash Fiction)”

Dear Emily (Flash Fiction)

This story came from an Instagram prompt – the #pleasantwordschallenge! The prompt was “An Unexpected Letter.” If you’re interested in doing a fun flash fic prompt challenge every couple of weeks, please check out the hashtag on Instagram! The letter sat in the middle of the table, occupying very little space. One could have lookedContinue reading “Dear Emily (Flash Fiction)”

Ahava, first of her name (Flash Fiction)

I actually think this has the potential of turning into something longer one day! I haven’t really written anything in a fantasy land in a while, but Ahava makes me want to tell her story. The wind tugs at my hair, undoing the curls that had taken me hours to perfect.  I always hated fancyContinue reading “Ahava, first of her name (Flash Fiction)”

Spider-Man’s Wish (Flash Fiction)

Here is yet another flash fiction based on an instagram prompt (#writerstowriterschallenge). This time I had to include; a costume, a piece of candy, and a wish upon a star. Also, quick backstory. As a child, I and my siblings always said “I wish I may, I wish I might, on the first star IContinue reading “Spider-Man’s Wish (Flash Fiction)”

Alice’s Cousin (Flash Fiction)

This came from an Instagram prompt, which gave me all the Alice in Wonderland vibes! What do you think Alice did to make her cousin chase after her? To read more stories that are also from the same prompt, head to Instagram and follow the #writerstowriterschallenge hashtag. You’d think that by now I’d be usedContinue reading “Alice’s Cousin (Flash Fiction)”