Dear Emily (Flash Fiction)

This story came from an Instagram prompt – the #pleasantwordschallenge! The prompt was “An Unexpected Letter.” If you’re interested in doing a fun flash fic prompt challenge every couple of weeks, please check out the hashtag on Instagram!

The letter sat in the middle of the table, occupying very little space. One could have looked over it easily, never even noticed it was there. 

In fact, if anyone other than the intended receiver of the letter were to read it, they wouldn’t find it very interesting. There was no scandal or gossip inside this letter. It was rather boring as far as mail went. There wasn’t even a fun stamp in the corner of the envelope, just the regular one with the nation’s flag. 

Boring. Unintrusive.

Inside the letter was a message written in fine penmanship and black ink. There were no blotches to indicate the sender had cried while writing. There were no hasty markouts of misspelled words. It was clean and articulate. 

It simply read;

Dear Emily,

Please be sure to pick me up from the station at a quarter past noon on Friday. I shall wear the suit you bought me for our first anniversary. It has been too long.

Love, Peter

The receiver of the letter, Miss Emily Wilcot, did, however, find this letter to be very interesting. She had nearly fainted upon reading the neat signature.

It took her exactly twelve minutes to decide what to do. (Miss Emily Wilcot had always been precise.) 

Marching smartly upstairs, she packed all of her clothes, the few books she owned, her mirror from Mother, and the hairpins from Papa. She then marched back downstairs, wrote a quick note to her landlord, and left without a backward glance.

Peter may have found her this time, but with the grace of God on her side, he would never find her again.

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