Each and Every Summer by L.A. Tavares (Book Review)

“Time heals some wounds.

The first time Lyla Savoie Kenney found love—boundless, passionate love—it wasn’t with a person but a place. She found deep-rooted endearment there, and in keeping with tradition, it caused her first real heartbreak too.

Lyla grew up on the beaches at Begoa’s Point, a campground she and her father visited each summer for seventeen years. She spent each non-summer month counting down the days until she could return, until going back was no longer an option. Begoa’s Point closed with no explanation.

Fifteen years later, now a widowed mother with a child of her own, Begoa’s Point is reopening its doors. Lyla is surprised when she is abruptly moved off the waiting list and given a reservation at the camp, but even more surprising is what she finds when she arrives.

Weston Accardi, the first boy Lyla ever gave her heart to, is the proud new owner of the Begoa’s property. He has changed—and not just because a prosthetic leg now exists where a natural limb once did. He is no longer the carefree rebel he used to be but has grown into a responsible businessman.

Their past, however, refuses to remain such, cycling back to smother the fire they’ve tried so hard to rebuild since her arrival to the reopened campground.” -Each and Every Summer, L.A. Tavares.

I love sweet, clean romances. I love the love, you know?

Tavares transported me straight back to my camp days; right back to my first kiss (which happened at 4-H camp, actually). It was actually a little trippy, having weird memories of awkward seventeen-year-old me randomly pop up as I was reading, but it was so great to be able to fully relate to Lyla and Weston! If you’ve ever been to camp, you’ll have an awesome stroll down memory lane. If you’ve never been to camp, well you’re about to live vicariously through Lyla and Weston and get a very accurate experience!

Tavares does a wonderful job painting the scene and immersing the reader in her setting of Begoa’s Point. I love her writing style, it’s so romantic (which is a pretty good thing for a romance writer), but seriously, her descriptions make me feel all warm and cuddly!

Rating: 5 out of 5

Why: Something that had me completely hooked was the mystery around why Weston and Lyla hadn’t seen each other in years. It seemed like every time I would say “okay, I’ve really got to finish folding laundry” the next clue would be revealed and I would have to continue reading. The timing of everything in this book was just perfect. I’m not kidding, y’all. I read this book in two days. I couldn’t put it down!

Ending thoughts: if you’re looking for a sweet, clean romance with a little bit of mystery and summer love, you’ve found your next read. If you’re not looking for that, you should still read Each and Every Summer, because, you know, broadening your horizons. Also because Tavares is such a talented writer and everyone needs good writers on their bookshelf!

Wishing you a summer full of making happy memories, Storm

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