Loving my Actual Christmas by Alexandra Kuykendall (Book Review)

It. Is. Officially. CHRISTMAS TIME!

And because it’s Christmas time, I’m going to try to read some holiday books this season to talk about with you! Starting with Loving my Actual Christmas by Alexandra Kuykendall

I recommend reading Loving my Actual Christmas before the hectic holidays start! Alexandra draws her reader’s attention to things that get in our way when it comes to Christmas. She gives personal details of her own family and experiences (I love it when non-fiction books have funny personal stories!). She also looks at Christmas from a Christian perspective, for anyone wondering! 🤍

This book made me stop and think about what my reason behind the season. Am I caught up in ‘whens’? (“This Christmas will be awesome when we have___” or “When I can afford this…”). Am I worried about topping the last Christmas or upholding traditions? Am I stressed about entertaining extended family?

Is that was Christmas is about? Keeping the house clean and buying so-and-so the perfect gift? (Here’s a hint: the answer is no).

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Why: I love that Alexandra focuses mostly on how we need to be present. I feel like it’s not revolutionary to say that our kids won’t remember the presents, they’ll remember their parents being genuinely present, but it’s a very important reminder.

Alexandra also gives tips on budgeting and financing, scheduling, knowing our limitations, the whys behind Christmas, and remembering Christ. When talking about budgeting, she even mentions the pushback she felt the first time she talked about money with her husband. It’s not an easy shift to being more intentional, but it’s a worthwhile one. If you struggle with knowing your limits or you feel like Christ gets lost in all the stuff, this book is worth the read!

It boils down to this: why is Christmas a big deal to us? What stresses us out and why? Sometimes we need someone to ask us that, and Alexandra does just that. I also very much appreciate that Alexandra points her readers back to Christ. We can’t forget why we’re celebrating. His birth changed everything.

Ending Thoughts: This is a sweet book that has light-hearted antidotes to connect readers to the Kuykendall family. I do recommend this book, especially before the season really gets started. I found it helpful to just stop and examine my motivations behind this upcoming holiday season. This December, let’s be intentional in our Christmas season and aim to bring glory to God.♡


Links for Loving my Actual Christmas

Amazon Christianbook

Don’t forget to check your local library or use a library app like Hoopla or Overdrive to check and see if they have Loving my Actual Christmas!

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