Christmas in Love (Book Review)

A basement flood, a winter storm, and a little holiday magic (okay, maybe a lot) might be just what the doctor prescribed for Natalie and Cade.
Cade hasn’t been home for the holidays for three years. Not since the Christmas he planned to propose to Natalie… before she dumped him. This year’s Christmas gift? Having to see her again. Surprise!
Natalie is finally settling into a new town. Her bed and breakfast is up and running, she’s in charge of the Christmas parade, and she has absolutely zero plans of cozying up to someone special this holiday season. They wouldn’t want her anyway. Not with her baggage.
But when Cade shows up at Natalie’s B&B, needing a place to stay, the pain of their past begs to be dealt with. Can her secret stay secret? And, more importantly, can her heart stay under lock and key?
Probably not.

A clean contemporary romance novella with a guaranteed happily ever after
*This book deals with infertility which can be a triggering topic” -Christmas in Love, Karen Thornell.

This is a very sweet Christmas novella with adorable characters and light-hearted dialogue. I like that Karen gives us a glimpse into the struggles that come with infertility. It’s a tough subject, but Karen handles it well in a light-hearted romance novella.

Natalie has baggage. (Don’t we all though, Nat?)

But because of this, she breaks up with Cade, the man she still may or may not love. I love that we get to learn about Nat’s insecurities and really understand why she broke it off with Cade. Because Christmas in Love is told in a dual point-of-view, we can be fully immersed in both Cade’s longing to be with Nat even after fours years, and Nat’s terror that she’s too broken for Cade.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Why: The banter in this story is perfect and I really liked the cheerful setting of Christmas time in Greenbank, CO. I love how smooth and easy this book is to read, it pulled me right in! The romance was sweet and had me rooting for Cade and Nat (it’s always helpful to route for the main couple, right?).

Cade is a very sweet character. He’s a handsome doctor who is still in love with Nat and when he runs into her again after four years, he’s determined to win her back. I love his dynamic with his family and how he calmly, and without crossing any boundaries that Nat had set up, showed her that he was there for her.

Nat is just as sweet as Cade, but more of a sympathetic character. Her anxieties are relatable and understandable. As I was reading, I kept thinking “just talk to Cade!” because I so wanted them to get back together. Bless Karen and her Happily Ever Afters!

Ending Thoughts: This is a great Christmas novella. It’s short, sweet, and funny. If you’re caught up in the rush of the holidays but want to read a book that reflects the season, Christmas in Love is a short read that I recommend! (Bonus, this is an indie book!)

Merry Christmas,


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