The Ultimate Gift List for Booklovers!

Let’s jump right in! I realize this list is a tad late in the game, but never late than never, right? 😬 Also, for the sake of supporting small businesses, I will be mostly posting links to small businesses including ones that are featured through Amazon Handmade and Etsy. All links are purely suggestions and shipping times may vary. I’ve also linked (if applicable) the Instagram accounts of each small business. If you don’t end up buying anything from these shops for Christmas, keep them on your radar for birthdays and other special events!

Bookmarks (and other ways to mark books).

1. These floral bookmarks that are named after literary characters by Page Petal are beautiful and perfect for the minimalist booklover!

2. I’m putting a pic of bookmarks here, but Sweet Sequels has so much more! She has bookmarks, bookish shirts, bookish art, and even bookish-themed baby blankets!

3. These cozy book sleeve bookmarks from BookNookSleeves are so cute!

4. These highlighters are rumored to not bleed through and as a bonus, it comes in a few colors! This isn’t a small business, but an Amazon find.

5. One more Amazon find, but for the bookworms who don’t like to write or highlight in books, these sticky tabs are perfect to remember key parts!

Clothes and totes to carry books in.

6. Jenna Van Mourik has some awesome “stay home and read” shirts! Here’s one of her options, but make sure to browse her shop for others.

7. This super relatable merch from Kylie Hunt! Make sure to check out all of her designs.

8. All of the socks on Wright Foot’s website are so cute, but these bookish ones are perfect for your favorite bookworm!

9. These scrunchies from OdWorks will help keep hair out of anyone’s face who is diving into a good book! Also, if your favorite booklover doesn’t have long hair, scrunchies make cute accessories.

10. This super cute tote by Wildflowerbugcrafts would be great to carry books and snacks in!

11. This isn’t a small business, but I love this tote found on Amazon!

12. This shirt is actually on my own merch store, but it would be a good gift for those Christian readers in your life! The Reading for His glory design comes on mugs and stickers as well.

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Mugs. For all the tea and coffee.

13. I’m loving this library due date mug from The Joyful Moose Store!

14. Loftipop has this cute bookish (and catish) mug! Browse her store to find lots of other mugs in the same vein.

Candles. Because reading is a whole mood.

15. Who doesn’t love bookish themed candles? Wick and Sarcasm has some awesome ones to chose from!

16. I love the bookish candles and jewelry (or anything from) Once Upon a Page Designs!

17. The fandom options are crazy from Asha’s Homemade Candles! Who doesn’t want their house to smell like butterbeer or the shire? There are even Pokemon and My Little Pony options.

Nifty tools and fun things.

18. Check out these nifty page holders from Engaged Books!

19. What better way to ensure your favorite bookworm doesn’t lose their books than a custom stamp by Pixum Design?

20. Send your favorite bookdragon a bookish goodie box from Literary Treasures Co. I mean, look at all the things that are included!

Bookish art.

21. LauraRowStudio makes personalized art prints of your favorite books. (This is one of my favorite things on this list!)

22. I adore this watercolor illustration by Megan Baratta! This is how I picture my future house.

23. This minimalist art by Lone Star Art Store is perfect for any classic lit fans! Check out all the other bookish art they have as well.

Christmas-themed items.

24. This cute ornament by The Little Sparkle Shop is perfect for the holiday season!

25. This ornament by Treasured Gifts by Dorinta is filled with Bible verses is a unique and special gift!

There we go! Twenty-five unique and fun suggestions that will hopefully spark some ideas as you shop for your bookish friends. I also encourage you to follow the creators, artists, and designers on Instagram or wherever you can to show your support, even if you can’t buy anything. Happy shopping and merry Christmas!


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