Yvette’s Moon

“In war-torn France in 1940, Yvette Castillon’s darling husband Henri is taken by the German army and forced to join their cause. Before he leaves, he makes Yvette promise to wait for him. She stays true to her word as the war rages on. As the months turn into years, all she can do is pray he’ll one day come back to her.⠀

Five years later, a knock at the door makes Yvette believe all her prayers have been answered. But instead of finding her Henri, she finds a German Kommandant. Now Yvette must decide how to honor God, her husband, and her country as she grapples with a decision that will change her life.”
– Yvette’s Moon, Storm Shultz

Yes, this is my novella. I realized last night that I never fully talked about Yvette’s Moon! This novella is completely free and I encourage everyone to sign up for my newsletter because this book will be sent straight to your inbox if you do. That being said, I never told you what this book is about, so that’s what I’m doing now. (Better late than never!)

Yvette’s Moon is based on Jael of the Old Testament (and it’s okay if you haven’t heard of her, I have the original Scripture integrated into Yvette’s Moon!). This story is set during World War II and the idea behind this book was that some of the men who were in the German army may not have been there because they agreed with Hitler. I’ve always been interested in what could motivate someone to join the German army. I believe that some of the men joined Hitler’s cause simply because they were scared of what would happen to their families.

That’s Henri’s motivation in Yvette’s Moon, which leaves Yvette alone and waiting. And now she has a huge decision to make without Henri’s input. Something that I love about Yvette is that when she feels stuck, she looks to God’s Word and prays. I know I’ve had very similar times in my life.

Something that was difficult in writing Yvette’s Moon was balancing Yvette’s motivation to protect herself and her country with violence without being sinful.

We don’t see Jael’s thought process in the Old Testament, we don’t know if she hesitated before slamming the nail through Sisera’s head (seriously, go read the story if you haven’t!). I didn’t want to write something into Scripture, so I merely based Yvette’s Moon off of Jael’s story, rather than writing Biblical fiction. I hope I did it justice, but I’ll leave that up to your judgment.

I love Yvette and Henri’s relationship, and I love Yvette’s desire to do what’s right for God. I hope you’re ready to meet them! If you do read Yvette’s Moon I would love it if you left a review on Goodreads 🤎

Thank you, friends.


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