Blog Under Construction

As I get closer to publishing Meant to Bee, I’m reevaluating the purpose of my blog. And I’m asking you for help!

I’ve considered doing some interviews, maybe some authors or people who can give insight into themes that are in Meant to Bee (beekeeping or growing herbs). Would that be something you’d be interested in, in addition to book reviews and flash fiction pieces?

There is a possibility that I’ll start posting less as well, perhaps every other week instead of every week. This is mostly because I’m attempting to launch Meant to Bee, but also because I want to bring you quality posts.

If you would like to stay up to date with everything regarding Meant to Bee you can sign up for my newsletter! I send out updates once a month and as a bonus, you’ll get a free copy of Yvette’s Moon! For more info on Yvette’s Moon, click here.

I appreciate your patience!


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