Another Ending by Sara Whitley (Book Review)

“When Molly’s world crumbles down around her, she’s confronted with a moral dilemma she never imaged herself facing—how far is she willing to go to put her shattered life back together again?
Trusting God has always come easily for Molly Taylor, who’s never walked through a trial her best friend Tanner Walters hasn’t been able to help her navigate. The two share a bond so strong, that most people in their small hometown of Oak Ridge, Iowa quietly speculate that they’ll end up married one day. Eager to graduate and break out of the small town, they talk about the future as if they have it all figured out—as if all of life could be as happy and carefree as it’s been throughout their school years.
But then an old classmate, Jason Moore, returns to town, winning Molly over with his crooked smile and charming wit. After learning of his parent’s recent divorce, Molly is determined to share the love of Jesus with him, to save him. As she is swept away in the whirlwind of her first romance, Tanner watches uneasily from the sidelines, fearful of Jason’s intentions. Convinced Tanner is jealous and that her love can change him, Molly ignores Tanner’s concerns and pushes forward with Jason—even after she begins to doubt Jason’s intentions herself.
She just can’t seem to walk away.
Until Tanner’s worst fears are confirmed, that is, flipping Molly’s entire world upside down. Overcome with shame, Molly vows to keep the truth of what happened that evening locked away forever. To bury her pain and move forward as best she can.
Moving forward becomes impossible when confronted with a moral dilemma Molly never imagined herself facing, though, shattering her faith in the God she’s loved her entire life—who, if He’s even real at all, couldn’t possibly have her best interest in mind. Couldn’t possibly love her. Finally pushed to her breaking point, Molly runs—from her darkness, her family and friends, and God himself. Desperate for healing, Molly searches for peace in all the wrong places, only to run into dead ends each time.
How far is Molly willing to go to put her shattered life back together again? What will it take for her to finally turn around and face her darkness—and the God who’s followed her into that darkness, beckoning her out?”
-Another Ending, Sara Whitley

Did you know that pro-life fiction is a thing?

I didn’t until I picked up Sara’s book! Reading Molly’s story has been a wonderful journey, and if you’d like to hear from the author herself, I had the privilege of interviewing Sara about her books! Click here for our INTERVIEW.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Sara strives to make realistic pro-life fiction that shows the emotions and decisions that go into choosing life, or the fall out of not choosing life. Because of that goal, this book does discuss rape and abortion, which is something I would make readers aware of. Sara handles both of these topics with care and grace, but it is worth mentioning.

Life is not always black and white. Molly, our protagonist, struggles with a choice about a pregnancy that she didn’t want. She’s grown up thinking that if she’s good, God won’t punish her. One of my favorite quotes about this belief is delivered by Delilah, a wonderful friend to Molly in the second half of Another Ending. It’s hard sometimes to realize that bad/hard things happen to Christians but even amidst our pain, we’re bringing glory to the Father above who loves us.

This is one of the things I love the most about Sara’s books. She weaves Biblical truths into her story with beautiful precision. Every moment spent talking about God is worth reading.

I love the description she gives of someone who love Jesus! I hope that I radiated the love of the Father too.

If you’re looking for a solid Christian book with lovely language and a deep pro-life message, I highly recommend Another Ending. Choosing life is not always as easy as we would hope. There is great courage and strength in the women who overcome and chose life. There is redemption and love available for those who do not.

Molly’s story is a story of redemption, forgiveness, and love. Her’s is worth the read.


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