Church and Your Littles

Take your littles to church.

They might get bored when the sermon goes a little long. There might be times you end up in the nursery. BUT… it’s important that they see you worshiping. It’s important that they experience fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. It’s important that they hear the Word.

You might not think your two-year-old is soaking anything in, but they are, mama. They are hearing God’s Word. It’s impacting them. They are learning. If nothing else, they are learning that church and fellowship with believers is important.

I know that some days you might feel frustrated – trust me, I’ve been there. There have been days when I’ve cried to my husband that all I did was spend the whole sermon in the nursery. But please hear me when I say this. God sees you. He sees you bringing your littles to church. He sees you trying. He sees you taking your babies’ souls seriously. He sees you.

Take them. You won’t regret it.

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