Happy World Bee Day!

Happy world bee day! 💛🍯🐝

These are just a few of my bee/honey themed items in my home 🥰 I didn’t really expect this to become “my thing” but here we are 😂

Do you have a favorite honey themed food? I love adding honey to my tea, but I’m also big fan of honey in baked goods 😋 just any and all baked goods, really!

A few tips on how to help save the bees:

•plant bee friendly plants such as lavender, coneflowers, sunflowers, zinnias, catmint, and marigolds.

•don’t spray insecticides! Most gardens can thrive without chemicals.

•set out a bee bath – fill a shallow bird bath or bowl with water, and arrange little rocks inside to keep the bees from drowning.

Also, if you have tips on how to save the bees, drop them below👇🏼

#worldbeeday #worldbeeday2023 #savethebees

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